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How I Moved From Surviving To Thriving

October 18, 2017

Have you ever gone through a period when all you wanted was for the weekend to begin? Well, you are not alone.


It’s Tuesday 6.30 am and your alarm has just gone off. Despite being the start of the week you swear it feels like Thursday (at least!). You roll out of bed with a lot of hesitation, check your e-mails and social media accounts whilst walking to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee, your secret weapon to get you jump started. You get into the shower and your mind starts bombarding you with thoughts about what you need to accomplish at work, the information you just read on social media, what you are going to say at that important meeting at 10.00 am, the plans you need to make for the weekend, the items you need to drop off at the dry cleaners on the way to the office and the birthday present you need to buy for your friend. It’s not even 7.00 am and your mind is overloaded!


‘Is it the weekend yet?’ is probably the first conscious thought that came to mind, because you feel like you are on auto-pilot and stuck in a vicious cycle in surviving mode.


You know, I have been there myself and at times it felt as if I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, leading me to fatigue and dissatisfaction. The good news is, I found a way to break the vicious cycle and ever since I have been the happiest and most energised I have ever been.


My wellness regime is simple, yet effective:


  • Rest: I go to bed no later than 10.30 pm to allow my body to restore and repair. In my down time I listen to my body’s needs and if it asks for rest, then I do that. Who doesn’t love a Sunday afternoon nap?

  • Meditation: As soon as my alarm goes off I get up and onto the cushion for a 20-min long meditation. Before I start meditating I set an intention for the day and let my body sink deep into that stillness allowing my physiology to relax and my mind to quieten. Meditation helps me gain clarity and build resilience.

  • Nutrition: My diet is wholefoods based and I make sure I don’t skip meals (whenever possible). Scrambling eggs and sautéing some vegetables takes only a couple of minutes and it is a way for me to fuel my body with the required nutrients to function at optimal levels and get me ready for the day ahead.

  • Hydration: I challenge myself daily to drink 2 litres of water and only refill my water bottle when it is completely empty, that way I know where I am at with my daily goal. Water is needed for energy production, tissue, protein and hormone manufacture, cell growth, reproduction and skeletal strength among many other things. I drink only filtered, mineral or bottled water.

  • Movement: I enjoy doing yoga after meditating to get my energy flowing. The duration doesn’t matter to me. If all I have is 10 minutes, then I take that opportunity after reminding myself of how good my body feels when I give it that kind of attention. When I have an early start and choose not to get up before 6 am, I make some time during the day for a brisk walk.

  • Gratitude: Every night before going to bed I write down 3 things I am grateful for, why and how each makes me feel. Just listing the things I am grateful for is wonderful, but the 'why' helps me realise how much impact it has on my life and by recognising how it makes me feel, it increases my emotional intelligence. When I am in a grateful state, my well-being enhances and suddenly all my worries are replaced with happiness. It’s a great way to reset my mind in preparation for a good night sleep.


To achieve good health and well-being you need a daily regime. It can be hard at the start, but once you cultivate good habits you are likely to stay focused because you love how you feel and who you become when you stick to it.


If you feel like you have done all the ‘right things’ yet you are not seeing results, you are likely to have underlying issues you are not aware of. A kinesiology session can tap into your unconscious mind to reveal the stressors blocking your potential and the required processes to re-establish balance in your body. Once the body is balanced, your innate healing wisdom kicks in working at its optimal levels and you are better for it.



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