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How kinesiology helped me

I’m Gracielle Melim and I’m a professional kinesiology practitioner, life coach and founder of Embodying The Self Kinesiology.

My passion lies in uncovering the root cause of a problem, clearing blocks, freeing minds from limiting beliefs and restoring balance in all aspects of life: mental/emotional, physical/structural, biochemical and spiritual.

I first experienced kinesiology in 2010 when I used to suffer from chronic neck and back pain. The year leading up to that experience was a challenging one with a failing marriage, a newborn and no support network, post-natal depression and an unfulfilling job that I had to keep to stay in the country.

How kinesiology helped my clients

During that year, I saw a wonderful osteopath on a weekly basis seeking pain alleviation, but I could not carry on like that any longer. I needed to find the root cause of my pain and solve it for once and for all. I found myself in a chiropractic clinic and expected the practitioner to manipulate my spine, but the session was nothing like it. Instead, he muscled tested me a few times, asked me what some emotions meant to me and did some tapping on my spine. It turns out he applied kinesiology on me and it worked. For 9 entire months, I was pain-free and aware of what caused it. That's when I realised I had found my life purpose.


By the time I was granted my certificate in 2012 I had helped over 50 people transform their lives:

  • Overcoming depression

  • Empowering those that wanted a career change to take action

  • Regaining physical mobility

  • Increasing physical performance and finishing a marathon pain-free

  • Identifying life purpose

  • Boosting self-confidence

  • Reducing and in some cases overcoming anxiety

  • Uncovering food sensitivities that were causing digestive issues

  • Falling pregnant after trying for long periods of time without success

  • Getting dream jobs

  • Improving relationship with self and others

  • Boosting energy, vitality and well-being

  • Etc.

My clinical experience up until that point was very rich and fulfilling and for these reasons, I opened my private practice immediately after securing my qualification and have continued to help transform people's lives till this very day.

  • Certificate IV, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

  • Certificate, Life Coaching

  • Practitioner Certificate, Neuro Linguistic Programming 

  • Practitioner Certificate, Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach

  • Practitioner Certificate, Time Line Therapy 

  • Practitioner Certificate, Positive Psychology

  • Practitioner Certificate, Hypnotherapy


Australian Kinesiology Association

Mission statement

My mission is to help individuals identify the root cause of their physical, mental, emotional and biochemical issues. This is achieved by utilising a comprehensive toolkit combining kinesiology, coaching, neuro linguistic programming and positive psychology techniques and by living and breathing my top 3 values:



Doing what I love and being surrounded by people that inspire me


Staying true to others and myself at all times



Being at service to people committed and ready to transform their lives and most importantly, willing to do what is needed to achieve that